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Drive to North Dakota

Drive to North Dakota

The drive from Glacier to Bismarck is the longest of the trip. We left at 5:30 am in the hopes of making it Bismarck at a decent enough time not to totally disrupt BB’s dinner or bedtime schedule. When we headed out it was dark and really the first few hours were a bit boring. I did get to see one moose and one elk just kind of hanging out in fields on the side of the road. I thought I should have asked for more animals then those two, maybe a wolf or a mountain lion.

All and al lthe northern drive across Montana is BOORRRING. There was a few weird things along the road. For example a giant tipi that sells coffee, which was closed, and a hill full of metal sculptures.   I also saw more weird casinos then I have ever seen and lots of run down creepy motels and bars. My favorite was a pale green run down bar in the middle of now where with a big sign on the front that said “Spa Bar”. Jacque looked right at it and said, “Yikes, more like murder bar” and that about sums up most of the drive.

Eventually we drove into the northern Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This was a great little park and I was glad to Jacque suggested it and drove so I could look around. The loop was a great little drive with lots of opportunity to see bison, wild horses, prairie dogs, and a coyote. One coyote was catching a mouse right next to the road! It was kind of cool to watch.

After the park we drove a short few hours and headed into Bismarck. We joined BB and her parents for pizza in their home. This is why we are here. Once again I felt completely drawn in. They are the most welcoming and inclusive people. BB is full of pleases and thank yous and energy. She likes to play chase. So we chased and got chased and when

it was time to change people or direction she would stop running, hold up her hands, and say “no”.   She really is so sweet and cute and adorable.   There was moment when we first got there and BB was showing us around to her room and her apple tree, that bb showed us her books. When Jacque asked us what her favorite book was she dug in the pile and pulled out “Happy Adoption Day” I am not making this up. I had to back out of the room a little, partly to give Jacque and BB some time alone but more because I was about to cry.

I have met all these people before but the house is strange and I often don’t sleep well alone in a strange bed. I slept like a rock. BB’s parents have planned out all kinds of great activities besides just the birthday party. We will be see some great art and boutiques, a haunted tour of Bismarck, and the most exciting thing the largest Holstein Cow!

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