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The Last Day

The Last Day

Today is the go home day. It was a wake up in a tipi, go for a hike, take an outdoor shower kind of day. I have to say I need an outdoor shower. There was something about using cold water in a tipi that is completely open to a mountain on one side so you can just be natural in nature and clean in more than just antibacterial ways. It was the best last morning I could have hoped for. I saw the other side of the tower by hiking the red trail, and had a nice breakfast!

We left for the airport with more time than we needed so we stopped in Sturgis again to wander the Harley Davidson shop and grab lunch. Then time to clean out the Kia (I will miss her more than you can imagine) and head to the airport.

I was excited as I finally have my TSA Pre-check. I learned in smaller airports the lines are usually closed and so I still had to take my laptop out. Then I was “Randomly Selected” to be patted down. This made me laugh as my flight in required the same thing and I was once again standing in public with a woman explaining how she was going to feel my inner thighs and under my breasts. I don’t know what was funnier Jacques face at the situation or me.


I have loved my whole trip but I have to say South Dakota did not offer me any really good coffee. Every cup I had was not great (sorry guys I’m sure I just didn’t go to the right places) My final cup in South Dakota was in the airport where one woman made the Lattes and the other checked people out. The one taking my order made no means to hide her distaste for my order of an amaretto latte, which was on their menu. Her quite loud and exasperated call to the other girl of “an amaretto latte, what ever the heck that is, we aren’t Starbucks.” Made Jacque start laughing again.   It was on the menu!

Anyway I am sitting in the airport writing my post for the last day on this epic trip fully anticipating how I will be watching Moana on the plane! Also wondering if I will have the “what next” blues when I get back and head right into work on Monday. I have missed my boyfriend, my bed, and my dog.   I will start my apothecary and herbalism classes next week and I’m contemplating another venture that I will keep to myself for now.   This is the first vacation I have taken that didn’t feel like I was trying to use my vacation to help me be more of who I am. This vacation was exactly like me. IT was an authentic OOOH SHINY trip with lots of nature, family, friends, and pushing my limits physically while remaining completely true to me.



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