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Mentoring/Coaching and Readings

Mentoring/Coaching and Readings

All sessions with Sarah are used to help you find your own authentic nature and intuition. The goal is help you hear and trust your own innate power and knowledge.   So you can be the full authentic soul you were called on this planet to be.   All sessions are done by Skype or Facetime unless otherwise noted.

Session offered:


A mentoring and coaching session can be tailored to a specific topic (career, relationships, health and fitness) or a more holistic approach.   All sessions are use to help coach you into finding your truth and path. Each session is tailored to an individual person and their needs.

New Clients:

A New client session is required if we have never worked together before. This session last 30 minutes. The cost of the session is 45.00 but if you book an additional session within 1 month you will be given a discount of 10.00 on your next session.  

Individual Sessions:


New Client Session: $45.00

45-minute Session:$60.00

60-minute Session:$75.00

Coaching Packages

all packages must be used within 6 months of purchase


3 – 60 minute Sessions: $180.00

3-month membership *: $250.00

*Includes (1) 60-minute session or (2) 30-minute sessions per month and email sessions as needed. All memberships start the date of the first session.

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are an intuitive reading done with the guidance of tarot cards. Each session includes a quick meditation to make sure we are both fully grounded. All sessions will include my intuitive interpretation of your session and reading from the Tarot Book so you can interpret each meaning for yourself as well. This ensures you are getting the most of each reading and learning to trust your own intuition. Many have concerns about cards and their religious beliefs.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out.  I am fully open and honest about how I do readings and what they mean to me as a reader.

Face-to-Face Reading

Skype/Facetime/FB Messenger

Specific question reading:$45.00

Holistic reading:$60.00


Digital only reading –

This is done via email and the reading sent back to you in digital format within 1 weeks

Specific Digital Reading:$30.00

Holistic Digital Reading:$45.00

Reading Packages

all packages must be used within 6 months of purchase


4 –  Digital Readings (2 holistic and 2 specific)  : $125.00

2-month membership* :$250.00

*Includes up to 4 readings per month specific or holistic and weekly email coaching. Monthly memberships start on date of first reading.

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Mentoring/Coaching and Readings - Contact Form - Join the Tribe

Mentoring/Coaching and Readings - Contact Form - Join the Tribe